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Biztracks | November 15, 2016

Nestlé Ecuador Ensures Food Safety with Arviem

By Staff

Nestlé Ecuador Ensures Food Safety with Arviem

Arviem AG’s real-time cargo monitoring service will be supporting Nestlé Ecuador’s cargo shipments.

Arviem’s real-time cargo monitoring service will enable Nestlé Ecuador to verify the quality of its products while in-transit. Thanks to the smart data and insights provided by Arviem’s Internet of Things technology-based sensing devices, Nestlé Ecuador will be able to gain visibility to the journey of its products and identify inefficiencies in the supply chain resulting in reduced inventory and food waste as well as increased food safety.

With Arviem’s intelligent sensing technology and its data analytics, software food producers will not only be able to see the location of their products in real-time but also monitor the condition of these products. Improved supply chain visibility will enable manufacturers to optimize their supply chain processes and carry out smaller more targeted recalls leading to reduced food waste and inventory costs, prolonged shelf life of products and decreased amounts of write offs due to expired products.

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