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News | December 7, 2016

Ten Countries Impacted by Salmonella Tainted Eggs from Poland

By Staff

Ten Countries Impacted by Salmonella Tainted Eggs from Poland

More than 360 people in 10 countries have been affected by a Salmonella Enteritidis outbreak linked to an egg producer in Poland. One child in Croatia is believed to have died in connection to the Salmonella outbreak.

Initially, the outbreak had plateaued with 260 cases in 7 countries between May and October 2016, according to the European Food Safety Authority. However, officials believe the outbreak could date all the way back to 2012. That’s because whole genome sequencing clusters detected this year were also detected 4 years ago. The connection was not clear since the outbreak appeared to have stopped and started again over than 4 year span.

Not previously identified, the farm implicated in this outbreak is Wozniak Poultry Farm in Poland.

After egg recalls were announced throughout Europe and Hong Kong, this outbreak has raised new questions about whether or not international trade regulations are tough enough.

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