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News | March 4, 2013

FDA Seeks Comments on IFT Report on Product Tracing Pilots

By Staff

FDA is seeking public comment on a report from the Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) entitled “Pilot Projects for Improving Product Tracing along the Food Supply System.” Section 204 of the FDA Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) requires FDA, among other things, to establish product tracing pilot projects. In September 2011, IFT was asked to carry out the pilot projects under an existing contract.

The pilot projects are designed to explore and demonstrate methods for rapid and effective tracking and tracing of food, including types of data that are useful for tracing, ways to connect the various points in the supply chain and how quickly data can be made available to FDA. In addition to providing the findings of the pilot projects, the report contains IFT’s recommendations to FDA for improving the tracking and tracing of food. Information is requested that may help FDA form their own recommendations. FDA will offer recommendations in their Report to Congress, which also is required by section 204 of FSMA.

FSMA also requires that FDA initiates rulemaking on recordkeeping requirements for high-risk foods to make tracing them easier. They will consider the comments received on the IFT report in implementing this FSMA provision.

Interested persons are invited to submit comments within 30 days after the date of publication in the Federal Register on March 5, 2013. To submit comments electronically, please go to and enter docket number FDA-2012-N-1153. For more information on submitting comments to the docket, please see Comment on Proposed Regulations and Submit Petitions.

For more information:

Federal Register Notice: Implementation of the FDA Food Safety Modernization Act Provision Requiring FDA to Establish Pilot Projects and Submit a Report to Congress for the Improvement of Tracking and Tracing of Food; Request for Comments and Information

IFT Final Report: Pilot Projects for Improving Product Tracing along the Food Supply System

Section 204 of the FDA Food Safety Modernization Act