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December 2010/January 2011
December 2010/January 2011

• Understanding and Managing Food Safety Risks
Organic Coffee Roasters: Ensuring Safe Coffee
Food Safety for Food Handlers
Confronting Food Safety Challenges Head-on in Produce
Moving Forward with ISO 22000
Developing a Cost-effective Sanitation Plan for Small-to-medium Processors

October/November 2010
October/November 2010

• Product Tracing in Food Systems: Legislation versus Reality
Listeria monocytogenes: Controlling the Hazard in RTE Meat and Poultry Processing Environments
Hygienic Design of Food Processing Facilities
Building and Effective Calibration Program
Lessons Learned and a Bit of History
Meeting Consumer Demands while Maintaining a Safe Food Supply
Creating a Positive Partnership Between Foodservice Establishments and Inspectors

August/September 2010
August/September 2010

• Technological Analyses: Adding Value for the Food Industry
Produce GAP Standards: Harmonizing Food Safety
Ensuring Safe Produce from Farm to Fork in Europe
Storage Considerations for Opened Packages of Ready-to-eat Meats
Activated and Electrolyzed Water: A Brief Review of a New Generation of Cleaners and Sanitizing Agents
Produce Safety: FDA Reaches Out to Producers and Packers
Incorporating Defense into HACCP
Make, Buy or Make Do? The Role of Automation in Analysis

June/July 2010
June/July 2010

• Getting In Tune with Global Food Safety
Food Safety through a Global Lens
Fast & Easy for the Consumer, but Prepared Safely?
A Look at the Food Safety Program at Butterball, LLC
Sampling, Part 2: Sampling Strategies
Cook-chill Reduced-oxygen Packaging in Retail and Foodservice Operations
Workings of the European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group

April/May 2010
April/May 2010

• Food Safety's New Regulatory Reality: Are You Prepared?
Control of Salmonella, Campylobactor and Other Bacteria in Raw Poultry
Something Old, Something New: Innovation with Existing Food Testing Technologies
Sampling, Part I: The Basics
Shifting the Emphasis from Product Testing to Process Testing
Verification: Making Sure Your Food Safety Management System is Working

February/March 2010
February/March 2010

• Protecting Your Food Supply: A Practical Approach
A Real-life Food Defense Challenge: Bulk Milk Transportation
Cleaning and Sanitization of Food-contact Surfaces in Retail/Foodservice Establishments
Food Defense in the Global Environment: The Role of Quality Standards
Identification of Plastics in Food: Challenges and Solutions
Novel Processing Technologies: Chemical Reactions

December 2009/January 2010
December 2009/January 2010

• Food Safety Trends in Retail and Foodservice
Harmonization of Global Regulations in Ready-to-Eat Foods
Happy 50th Birthday to HACCP: Retrospective and Prospective
Guidelines for Conducting a Simulated Food Recall
What 'Bugs' Sanitarians About IPM
Video Helps Serve Up Safe Food
Ventilation and Water Requirements for Food Processors
Exploring Implications of Mandatory Safety Standards

October/November 2009
October/November 2009

• Third Party Audits: What the Industry Really Needs
Food Safety Challenges in the Dairy Industry
High-pressure Processing: A Step Toward Sustainability
The Confusing World of Pesticides
Sanitation and the Deli: Contamination-prone Equipment
Reducing Lead Exposure from Food

August/September 2009
August/September 2009

• Foodservice Distribution:Maintaining the Cold Chain
• Advances in Honey Adulteration Detection
• The ABCs of Good Food Manufacturing
• Validating Food Safety Controls
• Equipment Sanitary Design Considerations When Purchasing
• Product Safety Device Maintenance is Critical
• Ethnic Foods and the Sanitarian
• Food Safety Insider: Testing Solutions

June/July 2009
June/July 2009

• GFSI's Role in Harmonizing Food Safety Standards
How to Choose a Reputable Ingredient Supplier
Employees FIRST: Food Defense Awareness for the Front Line
Selecting a Suitable Food Allergen Detection Method
IPM: A Practical Approach to Pest Control
Reducing the Risk of Failure
Taking a Closer Look at Inspections

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