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December 2015/January 2016
December 2015/January 2016

• The Harmonization of Food Safety Regulations
• When Consumers and Science Collide
• Point-Counterpoint: The Produce Traceability Initiative
• State of an Industry: Salmonella and Bovine Lymph Nodes
• Understanding the Difference
• HACCP Issues and Impacts
• Process Water: Going Green Doesn’t Mean Less Safe
• How Food Companies Can Modify Their Existing HACCP Plans into an All-Encompassing Food Safety Plan
• Avoiding Allergens: It’s the Right Thing to Do
• High-Throughput Toxicity Testing: New Strategies for Assessing Chemical Safety
• An Investigational Team Approach to Plant Pathogen Contamination

October/November 2015
October/November 2015

• The Nexus between Food Safety and Food Security
• Funky Fish: Is Ciguatera Fish Poisoning on the Rise?
• Where the Rubber Meets the Road:  RRTs in Action
• FDA’s Multiple “Conditions of Use”
• Hazard Analysis and Risk-Based Preventive Controls (HARPC): The New GMP for Food Manufacturing
• Nanoscale Materials: The Dose Makes the Poison   
• Supplier Certification: A Matter of Risk Assessment and Resources
• Let’s Get Serious about Internal Audits


August/September 2015
August/September 2015

• How Do You Know? The Evolution of Food Processing Technology
• Hazard Analysis of Incidental Condensation Contamination in Food Manufacturing Facilities
• How Safe Are Snack Foods?
• Global Partnerships in Food Safety: Education and Training Can Improve the Safety of Spices and Botanical Ingredients
• Creating the Rapid Response Road Map: Collaboration Points the Way Forward
• FSM: Twenty Years and Counting
• Progress in the Hygienic Design of Food Processing Equipment
• Proposition 65’s “Naturally Occurring” Exemption
• The Cannabis Conundrum: Is Grass GRAS?
• Dear Supplier, You Must Be Certified; Resistance Is Futile
• Outbreak Responders Work to Stop Viral and Parasitic Foodborne Outbreaks
• Are Food Producers and Retailers Taking Enough Due Diligence in Auditing Packaging Suppliers?

June/July 2015
June/July 2015

• Best Practices for Making Long-Term Changes in Behavior
• Raw Poultry: How Safe Is Safe Enough?
• Date Marking: Food Waste Concern Heightens Issue
• Modern Tools for Food Ingredient Safety
• Investing in Food Safety Capacity Building Is a Sound Business Decision
• Use of Whole-Genome Sequencing in Food Safety
• Shiga Toxin-Producing Escherichia coli (STEC): Microorganisms of Public Health Significance in Meat and Poultry
• FDA Regulation of Adhesives in Food Packaging
• Principles of Environmental Pathogen Control
• Savor Safe Street Food


April/May 2015
April/May 2015

• Building Food Safety Leaders
• Lot Acceptance Testing for Ready-to-Eat Salads
• Good Consumer Practices Are Necessary to Further Improve Global Food Safety
• Reduction of Shiga Toxin-Producing Escherichia coli Attached to Stainless Steel
• A Closer Look at Food Safety in Canada
• Codex Alimentarius Commission: Ensuring Food Safety and Nutrition  Security for Over 50 Years
• Food Companies & Food Allergies: Unite!
• FDA Builds Teams to Detect and Prevent Outbreaks
• On-Farm Practices of Beef Producers and Processors: What Are the Gaps

February/March 2015
February/March 2015

• The Pieces of the Food Safety Puzzle
• Light at the End of the Tunnel: UV Intervention
• A Long Road to Hoe for Safer Food
• Listeria Guidance & Best Practices in Produce Facilities
• Novel Food Safety Technologies Emerge in Food Production
• Food Labeling for Companies Manufacturing or Distributing Food in China
• Traceability Update: Regulatory and Cultural Trends Shift from Response to Prevention
• Food Safety and Language Barriers on the Food Processing Line
• Food Safety Insider: Sanitation Solutions

December 15, 2014
December 2014/January 2015
December 2014/January 2015

• Allergen Management: Challenges and Trends
• The Evolution of Traceability in the Meat & Poultry Industry
• Dairy Industrywide Food Safety Collaboration Aims to Protect the Public
• World-Class Food Safety in Foodservice
• The Blame Game: Supply Chain Indemnity Agreements
• How Much Sanitation Is Enough for Environmental Hygiene?
• Lab Outsourcing: What You Need to Know
• ISO 22000: The Times…They Are A-Changing


October 6, 2014
October/November 2014
October/November 2014

• Food Safety Culture: Insurance Against Catastrophe
• Melding Beef Product Quality and Safety
• The Need for Ingredients That Improve the Health and Safety of Shelf-Stable Drinks
• Regulation of Food Packaging in Canada
• Leading Food Safety Collaborative Steps Up Services to Health Educators
• The Need for Foodservice Employee Allergen Training
• Chemical-Free Cleaning: Revisited
• The Role of the Cooperative Extension in Food Safety
• Traceback Investigations: Mapping the Maze

August/September 2014
August/September 2014

• Lessons Learned: Food Safety Preparedness before the Next Natural Disaster   
• Food Safety at Farmers Markets: A Reality Check   
• Economically Motivated Adulteration: Broadening the Focus to Food Fraud
• Microbiological Safety of Fresh-Cut Produce from the Processor to Your Plate       
• A New Paradigm for Validation, Verification and Monitoring
• Robotics and Automation for the Food Industry 
• Regulating the Low-Level Presence of Chemicals in Foods — The Way Forward
• FSMA Compliance with a Competitive Edge
• AOAC Shifts Food Initiative Focus to Food Safety
• Development of BRC-Compliant Cleaning and Disinfection Methods
• Pest Management SOPs for Food Processing Plants and the Importance of FSMA
• Leveraging Ethnography to Improve Food Safety


June/July 2014
June/July 2014

• Why Don’t We Learn More from Our Mistakes?
• IFT’s Global Food Traceability Center: Untangling the Food Supply Chain
• Ingredient Chain of Custody: Impact on Food Safety
• Whistleblowing: Food Safety and Fraud
• Food Virology Collaborative: NoroCORE Tackles Foodborne Viruses
• Airborne Contamination: A Microbiologist’s Perspective
• The Sample Has Been Taken, the Results Are In: Now What?
• Food Safety and Farmers Markets
• Shedding Light on Food Safety: Applications of Pulsed Light Processing
• The Regulation of Antimicrobials in Food Packaging

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