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February/March 2020
February/March 2020

• Breaking Boundaries to Avoid a Food System Crisis
• Animal Cell-Culture Food Technology: A New Regulatory Frontier
• Allergens: Where Food Safety and Labeling Intersect
• Is That Tomato Raw or Ready-to-Eat?
• Food Safety Priorities and Plans for 2020 – Part 2
• IFPTI Fellowship in Food Protection: Developing an Integrated Food Safety System
• Removing Allergens Means Rethinking • What “Clean” Means
• Biobased Plastics and the Sustainability Puzzle
• Five Unusual Ways to Use Your Corporate • Culture to Eliminate Foreign Material


December 16, 2019
December 2019/January 2020
December 2019/January 2020

• Artificial Intelligence and Food Safety: Hype vs. Reality  
• Reducing the Risk of Fraud in the Spice Industry
• Ensuring Food Safety at Large-Scale Events
• Strategies for Organizing Environmental Monitoring Data for Optimal Trending and Root-Cause Analysis
• Artisan Dairy Producers’ Food Safety Initiative
• Cleaning Small-Farm Produce Wash Equipment
• Food Safety Priorities and Plans for 2020
• Blancher Validation Study: Coming Soon to a Blancher Near You!

October/November 2019
October/November 2019

• Harmonization of Food Safety Standards
• How Whole-Genome Sequencing Supports Regulatory Efforts to Mitigate Foodborne Illness Outbreaks
• Is African Swine Fever an Emerging Threat to the U.S. Pork Supply?
• Economically Motivated Adulteration: What Are Processors Doing to Combat Food Fraud?
• Creating an FSVP to Fulfill the Regulations Promulgated from FSMA
• Hygienic Zoning in Food Manufacturing Factories
• ISO 22000 Revised
• The ABCs of CBD


August/September 2019
August/September 2019

• Present-Day Food Safety Leadership Advice for Future Food Safety Leaders
• Keeping Food Safe in the C-Store Environment
• Hepatitis A Exposure among Foodservice Workers
• The Use of Insects as Food Ingredients
• U.S. and EU Approaches to Defining and Evaluating Impurities and NIAS in Food Contact Materials
• The Importance of Cleaning for Food Safety
• Keys to Effective Monitoring for Listeria
• The FSMA Intentional Adulteration Rule Is Here: Are Processors Ready?
• The Juice Industry’s Commitment to Food Safety


June 18, 2019
June/July 2019
June/July 2019

• Stewardship vs. Satisfaction
• Responsible Use of Antibiotics: Are We Making Progress?
• Validation of Individually Quick-Frozen Foods
• Chemical Additives in Food Packaging Materials: Importance for Food Processors   
• What Industry and FDA Are Thinking about FSMA Implementation – Part 2
• Pest Management in the Food Industry: How Far Have We Come?
• STEC, EHEC, or E. coli O157? Differentiating between Targets
• From the Field: Challenges and Opportunities in On-Farm Food Safety
• The Need for a Glove-Use Management System in Retail Foodservice


April 16, 2019
April/May 2019
April/May 2019

• Unsung Heroes: State and Local Public Health Officials Innovating in Outbreak Investigations
• Food Safety = Culture Science + Social Science + Food Science
• Progress in STEC Control: The USDA-NIFA STEC Coordinated Agricultural Project
• Whey Powder and Food Safety Risks: A Lesson in Validation and Verification
• Recent Support of Proposition 65 Exemption for Coffee Reinforces Need for Science-Based Nutrition Information
• Reduced Moisture Hygienic Design & Sanitation: Best Practices   
• Cleanup during a Norovirus Outbreak in a Foodservice Establishment
• What Industry and FDA Are Thinking about FSMA Implementation – Part 1


February 20, 2019
February/March 2019
February/March 2019

• Rethinking the Future of Food Recalls
• Measure What You Treasure
• High-Pressure Processing during Drying of Fermented Sausages to Enhance Safety and Stability
• Advances in UV-C Light Technology Improve Safety and Quality Attributes of Juices, Beverages, and Milk Products
•  Radiofrequency Pasteurization of Low-Moisture Foods: Critical Process Control Parameters
• The Safe Food for Canadians Regulations: What This Means for the Food Industry
• Foods Produced by Biotechnology: A Toxicologist’s Perspective on Intended vs. Unintended Changes
• Recalls and Outbreaks: How WGS Will Change the Rules Plastic Packaging in a Circular Economy
• Validation, Verification, and Monitoring of Cleaning in Food Processing Factories


December 2018/January 2019
December 2018/January 2019

• Managing Food Safety Risk in a Foreign Supplier Verification Program    
• Collaborative Spirit Drives Dairy’s Food Safety Commitment
• Fonterra’s Food Safety Transformation
• Snacking: A Booming Trend in the American Lifestyle
 • Revised USDA Cooking and Cooling Compliance Guidelines: Impact on Validation and Process Deviation
• Using APGC to Improve Food Contaminant Monitoring
• Microplastic Contamination of the Food Supply Chain
• The Evolution of Sanitation and Hygienic Design in Bakeries
• Time Flies When Temperatures Rise
• Processors Increasingly Turning to Testing for Allergen Control
• Walking on Eggshells: Do You Know the Risks?


October 11, 2018
October/November 2018
October/November 2018

• Moving from Uneasiness to Confidence under the Sanitary Transportation Rule
• The “A” in Culture: A Toolbox to Drive Positive Food Safety Behaviors
• Top Ten Misconceptions about Sanitation
• Antibiotic-Free Production and Broiler Chicken Meat Safety
• Healthy Fresh Produce in a Sweet Wrap
• Effects of Millennials on Culinary Food Safety
• Disinfectants and Sanitizers Are Essential to Produce Safety
• The Uphill Path to FSMA Compliance


August 13, 2018
August/September 2018
August/September 2018

• What Have We Learned about FSMA Implementation?
• Preventing Foreign Material in Red Meat: Measure Twice
• Is It Time to Change How We Clean and Sanitize Food Contact Surfaces with Reusable Wiping Towels?
• The World Is Changing and So Must Your Food Safety Expectations
• Lessons Learned: Careers in Food Safety
• UV Light-Emitting Diodes: The Upcoming Solution for Enhanced Food Safety
• Is That a Beet or a Banana? Unwrapping Food Fraud in the Produce Industry
• Food Allergies and Celiac Disease
• Hygienic Room Air Handling in Food Processing Factories

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