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WEBINAR | April 16, 2019

Create a Good Norovirus Response Plan— It's Your Best Defense!


A foodborne illness incident or outbreak can cost food industry professionals significant money—decreased revenues, high legal fees, potential lawsuits, and diminished sales and loyalty from concerned customers. A severely damaged reputation could permanently shut a company’s doors. In fact, foodborne illnesses cost $55.5 billion per year in medical treatment, lost productivity, and illness-related mortality in the U.S.

Norovirus is the leading cause of foodborne illness outbreaks in the United States. As most of these outbreaks occur in foodservice settings such as restaurants, it’s estimated that approximately 70 percent are caused by infected workers.

During this presentation we will review:

  • Norovirus threats in the restaurant and how critical it is to quickly and effectively respond to a vomitus/diarrheal event, including clean up and disinfection
  • What is required when cleaning up an event and the importance of educating employees
  • Necessary systems to react to events, educate employees, and partner with health authorities FDA Food Code recommendations and what they mean to you


Francine L. Shaw is president/CEO of Savvy Food Safety, Inc., which offers a robust roster of services, including consulting, auditing, expert writing/updating and implementation of HACCP plans, food safety education, food safety inspections, curriculum development, and more. Francine’s diverse background includes over 20 years in foodservice, both as an hourly employee and eventually as an operating partner. She has performed thousands of food safety inspections for both regulatory agencies and the private sector. Francine is a well-respected international speaker and has been featured as a food safety expert in numerous media.


Barbara Van Renterghem Ph.D., Editorial Director, Food Safety Magazine

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