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Adopting a Risk-Based Preventive Approach to Food Safety Across the End-to-End Cold Chain


The integrated global cold chain, which includes multiple touch points, requires seamless movement of product and data between all stakeholders—from food growers and manufacturers to transportation partners, ports, cold storage providers and others who collectively ensure food safety, quality, and freshness. Any broken link can lead to product damage, reputational damage, and a decrease in customer trust.

What are the best practices and regulations that should be considered when building a proactive food safety program for the cold chain? What other important considerations should be covered? What investments and innovations are making the most impact while mitigating risk across the global cold chain? How can you separate hype from reality and determine how these solutions can meet the high-stake demands?

Participants will examine this topic from several angles, including:

  • Insights on the unique challenges and vulnerabilities that accompany a complex food supply chain and its stakeholders
  • How the right preventative program can reduce risk and ensure product integrity from farm to fork
  • Which solutions are having the greatest impact on cold chain efficiency and effectiveness, including IoT technology and services
  • How achieving transparency and collaboration across the food chain benefits your customers and your business

About the Presenters:

Dr. David Acheson is President & CEO of The Acheson Group (TAG). David brings decades of experience across the entire food and import safety sector, helping clients enter new markets, enhance the value of their products, and navigate dynamic scientific and regulatory systems. David’s background in medicine, food safety, molecular pathogenesis and the regulatory environment of both FSIS and FDA provides a unique depth of experience that is shared with TAG’s clients.

Gisli Herjolfsson is co-founder and CEO of Controlant. Gisli leads Controlant's efforts in pioneering end-to-end cold chain visibility solutions and services for a globally connected food supply chain. The company's automated solutions deliver real-time temperature monitoring and product movement traceability and services that facilitate proactive risk mitigation and improved operational efficiencies while ensuring food quality and safety, from farm to fork.

Moderated by:

Barbara Van Renterghem Ph.D., Editorial Director, Food Safety Magazine

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