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How well do you know your suppliers? Developing and managing supplier verification programs

ON DEMAND: We are pleased to announce the second webinar of the Food Leadership Series presented by Lloyd’s Register and Food Safety Magazine that will examine the crucial topic of supply chain verification.

During the webinar, we will engage a panel of industry experts, including Ben Warren, Director, Product Safety & Regulatory Affairs at Land O’Lakes, and Stuart Kelly, Global Head of Commercial at Lloyd’s Register to share their experience and insight on some of the most pressing issues impacting food producers in North America today. We will be tackling the risks, challenges, and future models of supply chain management. 

Outsmart the Transmission of Norovirus with a New Foodservice Tool

ON DEMAND: Up to 60% of all illnesses and outbreaks each year in restaurants can be traced to norovirus.  Ignoring the potential for a norovirus outbreak can be costly in addition to the harm it causes customers and the residual damage to a restaurant’s reputation.  Norovirus is a particularly serious threat because it’s difficult to kill, persistent- surviving on surfaces for weeks, and is highly contagious, even in very small amounts. The restaurant environment has a number of transmission points on surfaces where the virus can be found better known as “hot spots. This webinar will show how to use sanitation of these hot spots to reduce the risk of norovirus transmission in a restaurant.   

What the Food Supply Chain Can Learn from the Pharma Industry

ON DEMAND: With the increase and complexity of the global supply chain, both the pharmaceutical cold chain and temperature-controlled shipping for the food and beverage industry have seen substantial growth over the last few years. It is no coincidence that the food industry is now beginning to look to the pharmaceutical supply chain for guidance on best practices, as the need for stricter standardization and controls has emerged. Attendees to this webinar will provide learn best practices and key takeaways from pharma logistics that can benefit the food value chain.

An Effective Sanitation Management System for Foodservice

ON DEMAND: CDC reports that foodservice establishments cause over 60% of all foodborne disease outbreaks in the United States each year. In a study of over 4,000 restaurants, FDA reported that the implementation of food safety management systems has significantly reduced the number of out-of-compliance food safety practices. One of the most important food safety management systems in foodservice establishments is the cleaning and sanitation management system. This presentation will discuss five essential cleaning and sanitation management systems necessary to prevent foodborne disease outbreaks in foodservice establishments.

The New Trend for Recovering Microorganisms in Beef

ON DEMAND: This webinar will provide an expert review of manual and continuous sampling devices for N60 alternatives. N60 sampling alternatives present opportunities for labor, product, and profit gains for the beef trim industry. Understanding appropriate applications and limitations is critical to ensure that the compliance, food safety, and operational business needs of the organization are met. 

Create a Good Norovirus Response Plan— It's Your Best Defense!

ON DEMAND: Learn about Norovirus threats in the restaurant and how critical it is to quickly and effectively respond to a vomit/diarrheal event, including clean up and disinfection. Learn about creating a plan that includes the necessary systems to react to events, educate employees, and partner with health authorities, FDA Food recommendations and what they mean to you.

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