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Implementing a Food Safety Culture Aligned with Operational Excellence
November 18, 2020

LIVE | December 9, 2020 at 2:00 pm EST: This webinar will discuss how your food manufacturing business can benefit from aligning operational excellence with a positive food safety culture.

FSMA 204: Preparing for Tech-Enabled Traceability
November 3, 2020

LIVE | December 1, 2020 at 11:00 am EST: Join FoodLogiQ Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer Katy Jones and VP of Supply Chain Strategy and Insights Julie McGill for a live webinar covering the most significant points within the rule proposal as well as how you can develop advanced traceability programs within the rule’s proposed timeline of 2 years.

Predicting Future Risk: Using Technology to Understand and Mitigate Supply Chain
November 3, 2020

On Demand: With growing industry acceptance that supply chain risk cannot be fully mitigated by traditional audit programs, we are eager to explore tailored approaches that businesses can and have taken to identify and mitigate potential risk through the use of data, analytics, technologies, and expert insight.

Grow Your Retail Presence with Food Safety Insights and Inspection Innovations
November 3, 2020

On Demand: Gain insights into how new, easy-to-use food inspection technologies can meet both food processor and retailer needs, with greater assurance of brand protection for both than before.

How to Achieve a Significant ROI Using Food Safety Tools
October 13, 2020

On Demand: The path to realizing a significant ROI using food safety systems starts by meeting a series of challenges when it comes to cooking, storing, and monitoring at a food-safe temperature. Using a food safety management system will allow you to complete food safety processes faster, saving significant labor and time.

Food Safety Webinar: Supply Chain Integrity - Strengthening the Global Supply Chain Network

On Demand: This interactive webinar will explore where and why weak points in the global supply chain remain that continue to lead to recalls, illnesses, and brand risk across the food industry.

An Integrated Approach to Controlling Food Safety Risks

On Demand: The optimum approach to ensure effective food safety solutions involves an analysis of the risks associated with all possible vectors of contamination. For restaurants and food retailers, these include all food ingredients, equipment and utensils, food preparation and dining environments, coolers and freezers, serving sites, restrooms, and all surrounding areas. It also includes employees and customers.

Environmental Monitoring: Protect Your Customers and Business While Reducing Costs of Non-Quality

On Demand: This webinar discusses Environmental Monitoring Plan best practices, tools, techniques, hygienic equipment design and layout, zoning, choosing sample sites and frequency, and guidance on microbiological testing.

Why Your ATP Test May Not Be Working: The Impact on Your Environmental Monitoring Program

On Demand: New research shows that conventional ATP tests may not be able to detect the levels of ATP in many common foods. Newly published research from the University of Wisconsin-Madison also confirms that this phenomenon occurs in raw meats. Join us for this webinar and learn why common foods often contain low levels of ATP that may be undetectable.

Business Resilience in the Food Industry: Addressing Vulnerabilities and Maintaining Brand Reputation

On Demand: We are pleased to announce the third webinar of the Food Leadership Series presented by Lloyd's Register and Food Safety Magazine. Join us as we tackle the current and future states of the food industry through debate and discussion with leading industry experts from Cargill and McDonald’s who will share their experiences and insights on some of the most pressing issues impacting food producers today.

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