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Product | January 10, 2019

Visual Workplace Introduces Build-to-Order LED Andon Lights

By Staff

Visual Workplace Introduces Build-to-Order LED Andon Lights

Visual Workplace, Inc., now offers customized industrial-grade metal LED Andon lights. The bright LEDs support 5S/Lean initiatives by efficiently and effectively conveying machine status and additional customized messages if desired.

Visual Workplace’s LED Andon Lights are configurable with up to six lights, in any color combination, with optional alarms and buzzers. Heavy-duty metal housing withstands harsh industrial environments, and the lights come with a market-leading 3-year warranty.

Visual Workplace Andon Lights come in two sizes. The Standard Series is 2.5” diameter. Typical applications include: semiconductor fabricating, CNC and machine tool, laser power supplies, bottling, beverage, food, and packaging equipment. The Compact Series is 1.5” diameter. Typical applications include: semi-automated assembly, SMT pick and place machines, labelers and friction feeders, inspection and test systems, and more.

Visual Workplace, Inc. | 616-583-9400

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