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Phenomenex Publishes Comprehensive Food Safety Applications Guide

Phenomenex Publishes Comprehensive Food Safety Applications Guide

Phenomenex Inc. has announced the publication of a 92-page food safety solutions guide. Available in print and digital formats, the guide presents 41 complete applications for all of the frequently requested food compound classes and draws on all analytical techniques: sample preparation, high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC), Ultra HPLC, LC/mass spectrometry (MS) and gas chromatography/MS. The guide highlights methods created through Phenomenex’ Rapid Response Unit collaboration with AB SCIEX, including iMethod* Applications for Cliquid* Software. Phenomenex’ complete line of solid-phase extraction sorbents and QuEChERS and filtration products are also highlighted.

“Concern for food safety is on the rise globally, creating the need for analysis of a wide range of imports and exports,” explains Allen Misa, brand manager for Phenomenex. “We offer a comprehensive selection of solutions for the analysis of food substances, along with application support and method development services through our PhenoLogix team.”

The new Food Safety Solutions guide contains sections on analysis of contaminants, pesticide residues, allergens and fraudulent practices. Requests for the guide can be made online at