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Detectable Shoe and Sleeve Covers

Detectamet has introduced disposable shoe and sleeve covers made from a resilient, fully detectable material. Intended for use by visiting customers, auditors, or inspectors, the new covers have proven to be more durable and longer lasting than the plastic covers they replaced, according to the company. In addition, a simplified production process is used to make the new shoe and sleeve covers, so Detectamet sells the new covers for the same price as their predecessors. The blue shoe covers measure 14cm x 40cm and are in boxes of 1000 (500 pairs). The over-sleeves are made from the same detectable material as the overshoes and are available in packs of 500. They are elasticized at both ends and measure 19cm x 38cm. Both the sleeve and shoe covers have been approved for safe contact with food under the relevant EU and U.S. FDA requirements.

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