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Products | August 16, 2013

Boot Scrubbing Machines

Boot Scrubbing Machines

Meritech has introduced a new line of boot scrubbing machines that completely sanitize employees’ rubber boots by continuously applying strong sanitizing solution through a series of high-pressure nozzle jets onto continuously rotating brushes. The Meritech MBW series of machines includes: 1) the MBW 3.0, a full boot-cleaning system that scrubs and sanitizes soles and up to 9 inches of the boot sides; 2) the MBW-LP, a low-profile scrubbing system that cleans and sanitizes soles and up to 3 inches of the boot sides; and 3) the MBW Sole scrubbing system. All of the MBW systems are for rubber boots and other footwear without laces.

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