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February/March 2010
February/March 2010

• Protecting Your Food Supply: A Practical Approach
A Real-life Food Defense Challenge: Bulk Milk Transportation
Cleaning and Sanitization of Food-contact Surfaces in Retail/Foodservice Establishments
Food Defense in the Global Environment: The Role of Quality Standards
Identification of Plastics in Food: Challenges and Solutions
Novel Processing Technologies: Chemical Reactions

December 2009/January 2010
December 2009/January 2010

• Food Safety Trends in Retail and Foodservice
Harmonization of Global Regulations in Ready-to-Eat Foods
Happy 50th Birthday to HACCP: Retrospective and Prospective
Guidelines for Conducting a Simulated Food Recall
What 'Bugs' Sanitarians About IPM
Video Helps Serve Up Safe Food
Ventilation and Water Requirements for Food Processors
Exploring Implications of Mandatory Safety Standards

October/November 2009
October/November 2009

• Third Party Audits: What the Industry Really Needs
Food Safety Challenges in the Dairy Industry
High-pressure Processing: A Step Toward Sustainability
The Confusing World of Pesticides
Sanitation and the Deli: Contamination-prone Equipment
Reducing Lead Exposure from Food

August/September 2009
August/September 2009

• Foodservice Distribution:Maintaining the Cold Chain
• Advances in Honey Adulteration Detection
• The ABCs of Good Food Manufacturing
• Validating Food Safety Controls
• Equipment Sanitary Design Considerations When Purchasing
• Product Safety Device Maintenance is Critical
• Ethnic Foods and the Sanitarian
• Food Safety Insider: Testing Solutions

June/July 2009
June/July 2009

• GFSI's Role in Harmonizing Food Safety Standards
How to Choose a Reputable Ingredient Supplier
Employees FIRST: Food Defense Awareness for the Front Line
Selecting a Suitable Food Allergen Detection Method
IPM: A Practical Approach to Pest Control
Reducing the Risk of Failure
Taking a Closer Look at Inspections

April/May 2009
April/May 2009

• Produce Traceability and Trace-back
Continuous Improvement Trends in Produce Traceability
The Safety of Beverages in Plastic Bottles
Are Food Plant Audits Overrated?
A Summary Profile of Pathogen Detection Technologies
The Missing Element in Microbial Food Safety Inspection Approaches, Part 2
Meeting the Challenges of Foodborne Illness Liability Claims
The 'M' in ICM: Using ATP to Evaluate Sanitation

February/March 2009
February/March 2009

• Does Animal Welfare Affect Food Safety?
• Meeting the Challenge of E.coli 0157:H7 Head On

LC/MS Analysis for Melamine and Cyanuric Acid in Foodstuffs
Integrated Cleaning and Measurement: A New Approach to Housekeeping and Sanitation
Moving from Paper to Electronic HACCP Records
The Missing Element in Microbiological Food Safety Inspection, Part 1
Biofilms: Our Constant Enemies

December 2008/January 2009
December 2008/January 2009

• Supplier Scorecards: Are They Right for You?
Concerns Related to International Risk Anaysis
Factoring Safety into Functional Foods
How FDA's "Threshold of Regulation" Program Works
Adverse Reactions to Allergens: The Importance of Labeling and Cross-contamination Control
Cross-connnections' Contamination Woes
Building a World-class Allergen Control Program, Part 2
Importance of Flow in CIP

October/November 2008
October/November 2008

• Supply Chain Verification to Improve Product Recall and Crisis Management Plans
Pandemic Flu and the U.S. Food Industry
Questioning Popular Notions About Meat and Cancer
Food Plant Sanitation: Have You Found Your Niche?
Evaluating Labeling Exemptions for Food Allergens
Building a World-class Allergen Control Program, Part 1
Good Manufacturing Practices and Training
Demystifying the Microbial Testing Process

August/September 2008
August/September 2008

• Hurdle Technology Solutions
Additional Interventions Needed for Fresh-cut Produce
California Leafy Greens Marketing Agreement Emerges as a Model Program for Food Safety
Improving Food Safety Through Public Standards for Food Ingredients
SSOPs for Retail Food Industry
Evolution of HACCP: A Natural Progression to ISO 22000
Testing for Extraneous Matter
Dietary Supplements: Adverse Event Reporting and Review
Food Safety Insider: Solutions in Rapid Microbiology

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