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February/March 2015
February/March 2015

• The Pieces of the Food Safety Puzzle
• Light at the End of the Tunnel: UV Intervention
• A Long Road to Hoe for Safer Food
• Listeria Guidance & Best Practices in Produce Facilities
• Novel Food Safety Technologies Emerge in Food Production
• Food Labeling for Companies Manufacturing or Distributing Food in China
• Traceability Update: Regulatory and Cultural Trends Shift from Response to Prevention
• Food Safety and Language Barriers on the Food Processing Line
• Food Safety Insider: Sanitation Solutions

December 15, 2014
December 2014/January 2015
December 2014/January 2015

• Allergen Management: Challenges and Trends
• The Evolution of Traceability in the Meat & Poultry Industry
• Dairy Industrywide Food Safety Collaboration Aims to Protect the Public
• World-Class Food Safety in Foodservice
• The Blame Game: Supply Chain Indemnity Agreements
• How Much Sanitation Is Enough for Environmental Hygiene?
• Lab Outsourcing: What You Need to Know
• ISO 22000: The Times…They Are A-Changing


October 6, 2014
October/November 2014
October/November 2014

• Food Safety Culture: Insurance Against Catastrophe
• Melding Beef Product Quality and Safety
• The Need for Ingredients That Improve the Health and Safety of Shelf-Stable Drinks
• Regulation of Food Packaging in Canada
• Leading Food Safety Collaborative Steps Up Services to Health Educators
• The Need for Foodservice Employee Allergen Training
• Chemical-Free Cleaning: Revisited
• The Role of the Cooperative Extension in Food Safety
• Traceback Investigations: Mapping the Maze

August/September 2014
August/September 2014

• Lessons Learned: Food Safety Preparedness before the Next Natural Disaster   
• Food Safety at Farmers Markets: A Reality Check   
• Economically Motivated Adulteration: Broadening the Focus to Food Fraud
• Microbiological Safety of Fresh-Cut Produce from the Processor to Your Plate       
• A New Paradigm for Validation, Verification and Monitoring
• Robotics and Automation for the Food Industry 
• Regulating the Low-Level Presence of Chemicals in Foods — The Way Forward
• FSMA Compliance with a Competitive Edge
• AOAC Shifts Food Initiative Focus to Food Safety
• Development of BRC-Compliant Cleaning and Disinfection Methods
• Pest Management SOPs for Food Processing Plants and the Importance of FSMA
• Leveraging Ethnography to Improve Food Safety


June/July 2014
June/July 2014

• Why Don’t We Learn More from Our Mistakes?
• IFT’s Global Food Traceability Center: Untangling the Food Supply Chain
• Ingredient Chain of Custody: Impact on Food Safety
• Whistleblowing: Food Safety and Fraud
• Food Virology Collaborative: NoroCORE Tackles Foodborne Viruses
• Airborne Contamination: A Microbiologist’s Perspective
• The Sample Has Been Taken, the Results Are In: Now What?
• Food Safety and Farmers Markets
• Shedding Light on Food Safety: Applications of Pulsed Light Processing
• The Regulation of Antimicrobials in Food Packaging

April/May 2014
April/May 2014

• Learning from FDA Food Allergen Recalls and Reportable Foods
• Assessing and Applying Thermal Characteristics of Ready-to-Eat Products during Heat Processing
• A Closer Look at Egg Safety
• Crisis Management in the Digital World
• The Role of Analytical Testing in Maintaining Food Safety
• Upgrade Sanitation Plan to Work Out the Bugs
• Novel Applications of Sometimes-Novel Processing Technologies    
• Retrofit with Purpose: Take Your Food Facility to the Next Level
• New Technologies for Foreign Body Identification
• Foreign Material Control: Food Quality, Safety or Both?

February/March 2014
February/March 2014

• The Tweeters of Doom: How Social Media Impacts Food Safety and Risk Communication
• From One Tweet to a Full-Blown Crisis:  Social Media Crisis Management
• Why Utilizing Social Media as a Risk Mitigation Tool Is a “Must-Do”
• Direct-Fed Microbials as Preharvest Interventions in Cattle Production
• Trends and Solutions in Combating Global Food Fraud
• The Package Label: Food Allergens
• An Environmental Sampling Approach to Product Risk Assessment
• Progress on the ISO 22000 Front
• An Astronomer’s View of Food Controversies
• Food Safety Insider: Sanitation Solutions

December 2013/January 2014
December 2013/January 2014

• Association of Food and Drug Officials: Boots on the Ground for Food Safety
• Delivering Quality Nutritional Products from Supply to Shelf
• HACCP Credential Closes the Verification Loop
• An International Perspective on Food Safety Packaging
• Pesticide Residue Testing of Food Ingredients: Monitoring for Compliance and Safety
• The 40th Anniversary of the Bar Code: An Update from GS1 US
• Food Plant SOPs: The Backbone of Your Food Safety System
• Achieving Gluten-Free Status    


October 3, 2013
October/November 2013
October/November 2013

• Economically Motivated Adulteration: Another Dimension of the “Expanding Umbrella of Food Defense”
• Authentication in Seafood
• Thermal Processing with Food Safety in Mind
• It’s Not All about the Science
• Best Practices in Facility Design
• U.S. and EU Requirements for Recycled Food Contact Materials
• Don’t Forget about Your Chemical Hazards!        
• Is It Time for Retail HACCP?
• What Defines a Laboratory Quality System?
• Food Safety Insider: Rapid Micro Solutions

August/September 2013
August/September 2013

• The Squeaky Wheel: Is Transportation the Watershed for Food Safety and Food Defense?
• The Identification of New and Re-emerging Risks: A British Perspective
• Food Safety Perception Challenges: Low-Sugar Ice Cream Development
• The Expanding Umbrella of Food Defense
• Food Safety Insider: Helping You Keep Pace with Food Safety Demands
• The Sanitation of Ice-Making Equipment
• Leafy Green Processing for Ready-to-Eat Salads
• Challenges and Innovations for On-Farm Bacterial Testing
• Moving Ahead in Food Safety Implementation Measures for Packaging
• Food Safety Databases: A New Challenge
• After Acquisition: “Chemistry” Benefits Small Food Companies
• Risk Analysis: Pests Need It Too

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