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December 12, 2017
December 2017/January 2018
December 2017/January 2018

• Antimicrobial Use in Poultry Processing
• The Supply Chain and Food Safety Culture: Retail
• Striving for Transparency: Resolving the Conflict between Gluten-Free Labeling and Precautionary Allergen Labeling
• Outsourcing: Pathogen Testing under the Microscope
• Leveraging Food Safety: The Cross-Functional Food Safety Committee
• Food Safety Testing: What Are Your Options?
• Use of Critical Control Points in Florida Seafood HACCP Plans
• Environmental Listeria Monitoring: Seek and Destroy Pathogens
• Regulation (and Deregulation) of Additives for Use in Food Contact Paper in the U.S.
• The Most Overlooked Source of Contamination in the Food Chain?


October 18, 2017
October/November 2017
October/November 2017

• Small or Very Small: New Rules from FSMA Create Unique Challenges
• How to Deal with a Major System Disruption in a Meat Processing Facility
• The Supply Chain and Food Safety Culture: Foodservice
• The New Face of Sanitation Programs: New Rules, New Challenges
• A Tale of Unexpected Growth and Development    
• Food Safety Preventive Controls Alliance
• Education and Outreach Goes Global
• IICA’s Role in Improving Global Food Safety
• Putting Together an Effective Allergen Control Plan
• Pet Food and Treat Safety: It’s Time for Facts, Not Fearmongering
• FDA’s Regulation of Color Additives


August 15, 2017
August/September 2017
August/September 2017

• Dave Theno: Remembering the Man behind the Headlines
• Benefits of the ISO Cooperative Agreement Program (CAP) for Food Safety
• Fixing FSMA’s Ag Water Requirements
• The Supply Chain and Food Safety Culture: Processing
• A Closer Look at Environmental Monitoring in the Processing Plant
• Foreign-Material Reduction Programs—An Integrated Approach Using Teamwork
• LGMA: Ten Years Later
• FDA Demand for FCN Environmental Assessments Is a Solution Looking for a Problem
• On-Line Monitoring Tools for Food Processing


June/July 2017
June/July 2017

• Consumer Food Trends Create Food Safety Challenges for the Foodservice Industry
• Radio-Frequency Heating for Low-Moisture Foods
• The Supply Chain and Food Safety Culture: Distribution
• Listeriosis: A Grim Reality for the Food Industry
• Tackling Food Fraud on a Global Level
• Risk of Oligodynamic Silver Use in Food Preservation and Processing Operations
• Clean Up That Food! An Update on Sanitizers and Disinfectants
• Using Biopreservation to Meet Natural Additive Needs
• Targeting Biofilms with Cold Plasma: New Approaches to a Persistent Problem
• Validation 2.0
• What Industry and FDA Are Thinking about FSMA Implementation


April 7, 2017
April/May 2017
April/May 2017

• Building an Integrated Food Safety System One Brick at a Time
• Prevalence of Campylobacter Contamination in Raw Chicken and Chicken Liver at Retail
• Updates from the NoroCORE Project: Progress towards Reducing the Burden of Foodborne Viruses
• The Supply Chain and Food Safety Culture:  Primary Production
• Pre-Analytical Sample Preparation in Food Microbiology: An Overview
• The Drivers of Differences in Food Safety Testing Practices
• The Final GRAS Regulation: Putting the Voluntary Notification Procedure in Place
• Go Feed the Animals
• Consortium of Food Process Validation Experts


February/March 2017
February/March 2017

• Supply Chain and Food Safety Culture
• Efficacy of Sulfur Dioxide and Sulfur Discs against Wine-Spoilage Yeasts: In Vivo and In Vitro Trials
• Food Fraud Vulnerability Assessment and Prefilter for FSMA, GFSI and SOX Requirements
• The Coming Storm in the Spice Industry, Part II: What the Industry Can Do
• What I Learned by Taking the FSPCA Preventive Controls for Human Food Course
• A Look at the Microbiology Testing Market
• Nanotechnology in the Food Industry: A Short Review
• Food for Thought: The Federal GMO Labeling Law
• Report from the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine: Recommendations to the Food Industry and Regulatory Agencies on the Management of Food Allergens


December 2016/January 2017
December 2016/January 2017

• Is It Time for a “Kill Step” for Pathogens on Produce at Retail?
• The Coming Storm in the Spice Industry
• Mitigation of Listeria monocytogenes in Ready-to-Eat Meats Using Lactic Acid Bacteria
• Hygienic Design: How Our Thinking Has Evolved
• How Leaders in the Cannabis Industry Are Implementing High Standards for Food Safety in an Unregulated Environment
• Getting Ready for FSMA’s Allergen Guidelines
• Foreign Materials in Foods: Control and Evaluation
• Antibiotic Use in Food Animals: A Growing Threat to Public Health
• Environmental Monitoring in the Era of Whole-Genome Sequencing

October 11, 2016
October/November 2016
October/November 2016

• A New Era of Food Safety Regulation Begins: Key Considerations to Comply with FSMA Rules
• Ready-to-Eat Foods: Preserving the Trust of the Consumer
Campylobacter jejuni: Understanding the New Food Superbug
• FSMA, Food Safety Audits and Certifications
• The Need for a Combined HACCP & HARPC Food Safety Plan
• Retrofitting a Food Plant to Maximize Sanitation
• Certifying Process Equipment: What’s Involved
• Consumers Turn an Eye to Clean Labels
• Colorants in Food Packaging: FDA Safety Requirements

August/September 2016
August/September 2016

• Building a National Competency-Based Learning System for Food Officials
• In Whom Should We Trust? Case in Point: Red and Processed Meats
• NEHA Credential Creates a Professional Pathway for  Food Safety Auditors
• Allergen Management: A Personal and Professional Perspective
• Reaching Effectiveness and Efficiency in Your Sanitation Cycle
• Utilization of Automation in the Contemporary Food Testing Laboratory
• Proactive Reputation Management
• Integrating Pest Management Procedures to Protect Food Safety
• Increasing Expanded Polystyrene Recycling to the Curbside Level
• Potential Applications of N-Halamines in Food Production, Processing and Packaging for Improving Food Safety


June 12, 2016
June/July 2016
June/July 2016

• Getting the Most from Your Food Association Memberships
• What’s in This Stuff? An Update on FDA’s Policies and Enforcement Actions Concerning Novel Ingredients in Food and Dietary Supplements
• Safely Feeding America
• Sanitary Transportation of Food: Contracts and the New Rules
• Validation and Verification of a Food Process
• Food Truck Commissary: The Foundation of a Mobile Business
• International Regulations on Genetically Modified Organisms: U.S., Europe, China and Japan
• “Nanobombs” Protect Consumers from Foodborne Microorganisms
• Six Ways to Grow and Retain Leaders for the Long Haul
• Packaging: The Final Ingredient
• Leveraging Industry Collaboration for Improved Food Safety and Transparency


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