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February/March 2006
February/March 2006

• Making the Business Case for New Technologies
• Investing in Process Validation of Novel Technologies
• McDonald's USA: A Golden Arch of Supply Chain Food Safety
• Microbiological Sampling in the Dry Foods Processing Environment
• The 2005 Food Code: A Regulator's Reading and Perspective
• CFSAN's Risk Management Framework: Best Practices for Resolving Complex Food Safety Issues
• Plant Self-Inspections: Keys to Developing In-House Programs

December 2005/January 2006
December 2005/January 2006

• How the ISO 22000 Food Safety Management System Integrates HACCP and More
AMIF's Food Safety Initiative
Radlo Foods Hatches a High-Tech Egg Safety Plan
How U.S. FDA's GRAS Notification Program Works
Innovations in Traceability Systems and Product ID Tools
Proficiency Testing: A Laboratory Guide for Confirming Results
Issues in Time and Temperature Abuse in Refrigerated Foods
Is Your Kitchen Certifiable? A Case for Sanity of Food Protection Manager Programs

October/November 2005
October/November 2005

• Industry Waits for Green Light on Harmonized Food Safety Standards
NCIMS Voluntary HACCP Program Moo-ves Forward
Fiorucci Foods: Automated Traceability Enhances Safety & Quality
FDA's Food Contact Substance Notification Program
Shedding Light on the Art and Science of Lighting
Handwashing: 5 Steps to a Best-Practice Pay-Off
Top Tips to Make Your CIP/COP Systems Work for You
Technology Round-up: New Frontiers in Pathogen Testing

August/September 2005
August/September 2005

• Fine-Tuning Your Foreign Material Control Investment
Industry Collaboration Advances Listeria Control in RTE Seafood Plants
Earthbound Farm: Balancing Food Safety From Seed to Shelf
BSE in the USA: The Madness Continues
The Role of Economic and Consumer Sciences in CFSAN
Enterobacter sakazakii: The Quest for Tests
How Your GMP Program Affects the Bottom Line

June/July 2005
June/July 2005

• How to Keep Your Focus on Food Safety
New Labeling Requirements for Food Allergens and Trans Fat
Land O'Frost: Breaking Ground in Sanitary Facility Design
L. monocytogenes Challenge Study 'How To' Guidelines
7 Simple Rules for Effective and Hygienic Dry Goods Storage
Cooperative Investigation and Response to the 2004 Salmonella Enteritidis Outbreak from Raw Almonds
Can Your Pest Management Audit Be Simplified?
HACCP Canada-Style: New Rules Advance Best Practices

April/May 2005
April/May 2005

• Auditing Mechanics 101: A Guide for Auditors and Auditees
New French Bakery Does Food Safety From Scratch
Can Food Safety Issues Ever Result in Consensus?
Street HACCP: Paving the Way for Small Retail Operations
Elements of Effective Food Plant Cleaning and Sanitizing
Innovations in Microbial Interventions
Is Your Plant As Clean As It Looks?

February/March 2005
February/March 2005

• Food Traceability: One Ingredient in a Safe and Efficient Food Supply
Hitting the Traceability Target at Birds Eye
A Fresh Look at Produce Safety
FDA's Food Program Priorities: A Look Back at 2004
The Cold, Hard Facts About Refrigeration Equipment
From Aseptic to Zip Pouch: Basic Packaging Material & Line Control
Beating Back Biofilms in Food Processing

December 2004/January 2005
December 2004/January 2005

• A Blueprint for Success in Sanitary Equipment and Facility Design
Trends in Meat Safety: The Scientific Advantage
Game Meat: A Complex Food Safety and Animal Health Issue
The Do's and Don'ts of Food Plant Personal Hygiene Practices
Formulating Food Safety: An Overview of Antimicrobial Ingredients
Salmonella and Campylobacter: A Methods Update
Successful Sampling, Part III: Environmental Air and Surface Techniques

October/November 2004
October/November 2004

• Web Resources to Advances in Microbial Food Safety
Fulfilling the Vision: New USDA Initiatives Keep Safety on Track
Golden State Foods' Quality Assurance Turns to Platinum
New Food Safety Education Outreach for Health Professionals
The Time Has Come for Clear Food Allergen Labeling
Successful Sampling, Part III: A Brief Primer on Biological Sampling
The Evolution of Food Testing: A Pioneer's Perspective

August/September 2004
August/September 2004

• Lights, Camera, HACCP!
Egg-cellent Food Safety Strategies at Primera Foods
Enhancing the Safety of Dairy and Other Animal Based Foods
Successful Sampling, Part 1: Essential Approaches
New Technologies for Food Traceability: Package and Product Markers
Fung's Forecast on Rapid & Automated Methods: Where are We Now?
Understanding the Glove Risk Paradigm: Part II

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