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Scrubbers and Sponges Sport Greener Packaging
Scrubbers and Sponges Sport Greener Packaging

3M’s Commercial Solutions is phasing out its traditional bleached corrugated boxes and phasing in greener Kraft brown boxes for products such as 3M's Scotch-Brite Hand Pads and Griddle Cleaning products.

Floor Tapes Enhance Facility Safety and Organization
Floor Tapes Enhance Facility Safety and Organization

Mighty Line floor tape products are designed to help managers make their facilities safer, more organized and productive. They can be used to color-code various functional areas in the plant, highlight hazardous areas, and provide critical safety warning messages.

Detectable Shoe and Sleeve Covers

Detectamet has introduced disposable shoe and sleeve covers made from a resilient, fully detectable material.

Software Aims to Track Contaminants, Prevent Food Safety Problems

At a time when food safety breakdowns are costing businesses more than ever, a Lincoln, NE, startup known as Presage Analytics hopes to help food processors track contaminants and prevent costly recalls and outbreaks of illness. The company's software tracks and analyzes the environmental and product testing data that companies already collect, particularly focused on microbial data, to manage and prevent problems that could lead to recalls or foodborne illness outbreaks.

Scottish University Seeks Licensees for Virtual Training Simulator for Meat Hygiene

A virtual simulator developed by public health veterinary professionals at Scotland's University of Edinburgh Veterinary School can strengthen and enhance learning by allowing veterinary and public health students to explore a realistic online work environment without having to be at an abattoir or other food processing facility.

Perspectives on Practices in Food Plant Sanitation and Hygiene
Perspectives on Practices in Food Plant Sanitation and Hygiene

Joseph M. Stout is interviewed to provide an industry perspective on the general sanitation principles and practices at work in today’s food manufacturing operations.

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