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December 2008/January 2009
December 2008/January 2009

• Supplier Scorecards: Are They Right for You?
Concerns Related to International Risk Anaysis
Factoring Safety into Functional Foods
How FDA's "Threshold of Regulation" Program Works
Adverse Reactions to Allergens: The Importance of Labeling and Cross-contamination Control
Cross-connnections' Contamination Woes
Building a World-class Allergen Control Program, Part 2
Importance of Flow in CIP

October/November 2008
October/November 2008

• Supply Chain Verification to Improve Product Recall and Crisis Management Plans
Pandemic Flu and the U.S. Food Industry
Questioning Popular Notions About Meat and Cancer
Food Plant Sanitation: Have You Found Your Niche?
Evaluating Labeling Exemptions for Food Allergens
Building a World-class Allergen Control Program, Part 1
Good Manufacturing Practices and Training
Demystifying the Microbial Testing Process

August/September 2008
August/September 2008

• Hurdle Technology Solutions
Additional Interventions Needed for Fresh-cut Produce
California Leafy Greens Marketing Agreement Emerges as a Model Program for Food Safety
Improving Food Safety Through Public Standards for Food Ingredients
SSOPs for Retail Food Industry
Evolution of HACCP: A Natural Progression to ISO 22000
Testing for Extraneous Matter
Dietary Supplements: Adverse Event Reporting and Review
Food Safety Insider: Solutions in Rapid Microbiology

June/July 2008
June/July 2008

• Establishing an Effective Food Safety Training Program
Fresherized Foods: Success Under Pressure
Acrylamide: The Issue that Refuses to Die
Food Micro—We Need to "Bridge the Gap"
Using Your Senses to Find Microbial Niches
How Wendy's Prevents Foreign Materials in Its Meat Supply: A Proactive Approach
"Allergy Consciousness" for the Retail Food Industry

April/May 2008
April/May 2008

• Bolstering Food Import Safety
NRTE Foods: The Case for Validating Cooking Instructions
The Five W's of Food Safety Forensics
The Value of the Food Defense Plan
On Air: Practicing What We Preach
FDA Regulation of Domestic Waterborne Transportation
Food Safety Insider: Sanitation Solutions

February/March 2008
February/March 2008

• How to Assess the Risk of Emerging Chemical Contaminants in Foods
The Year of the Recall Response
Assuring the Safety of Imported Meat & Poultry
New Directions in Food Protection: An Interview with David Acheson, M.D.
Creating a Paper Trail That Works
The Best of the Best: Portable Tools for the Food Sanitarian

December 2007/January 2008
December 2007/January 2008

• Food Safety Revisited: A Business Imperative
Meeting the Challenges of Produce Supply Chain Safety
Irradiation of Food Packaging Materials
Good Handwashing is Management 101
A Year in Foreign Material Contamination
Egg Safety: Avoiding Shell Shock at Retail

October/November 2007
October/November 2007

• Food Safety & the CEO: Keys to Bottom Line Success
How to Appeal FSIS Noncompliance Records
Beware Diacetyl: The Next Legal Quagmire
Food Microbiology in Focus
Water Activity: A New Food Safety Tool
Guaranteeing a Great Audit

August/September 2007
August/September 2007

• How to Organize Your Hazard Analysis
Critical Flow: Planning for Water Safety & Quality
Wendy's International: The Beef's in the Audit
Process Auditing for Food Safety
Leveraging Food Safety Data to Improve Operations
Creating a Great Cutting Boards and Wipe Rag Program
Assessing the Safety of Food Contact Substances

June/July 2007
June/July 2007

• The Listeria Control Game Plan
Keeping Up Dairy's Grade A Food Safety Initiatives
Jack in the Box: Fostering Food Safety Through Great Partnering
The 5 W's of Handwashing
Acrylamide, Furan and the FDA
ATP Systems Help Put Clean to the Test
Ensuring Food Safety and Quality of Fried Foods

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